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Everyone has a style icon and whether it’s someone from five years ago or five decades ago, their look will never go out of style. There’s something so inspiring about reinterpreting iconic looks with a new generation and that’s just what we did with Emily in this shoot.


Emily’s look is a Priscilla Presley-esque glam meets a Mia Farrow inspired pixie. Priscilla’s queen of the 60’s style was a glamorous counterpart to her rock n’ roll king and we channeled her dramatic eye makeup and fashion sense to create Emily’s look.


Honoring another style icon of that era, Courtney knew that a pixie cut was the perfect way to contrast the drama of Emily’s bell sleeved dress and acrylic heeled boots. Add a tinge of pink hair color for a modern twist and you’ve got an edgy meets glam 60’s revamp.


We never tire of revisiting the past for inspiration and this look proves that while style evolves, the looks of our past will continue to reemerge for years to come.


Photos by Graham Yelton

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