most of y’all know about our involvement in Haiti, right???
here is a brief recap on our latest project…! both of the wheelhouse bosses are super cool & super passionate! when one is a right brain and one is a left brain, cool ideas ACTUALLY happen!
Calas is a small community in central Haiti. Courtney (right brain boss) and Johnny (left brain boss) have been involved with this community since 2013.
for the past two years, they’ve been able to feed and provide basic medical care for about 150 children.
this is totally awesome, but wait, one MAJOR issue…
dirty water.
right brain boss says, “hey! our clients are great and generous & I bet we can raise some money to build a well!”
left brain boss says, “absolutely! let’s do it!” the idea was pitched to our staff and everyone was on board!
on December 11, 2016, we hosted an all day cut-a-thon at our OG location in Homewood.
not only did we raise enough money to build a well, but we raised enough money to build TWO wells!
that’s like, $30,000 that y’all gave to help in a project we really believe in!
guess what that means?
lots and lots of clean water!
so, for that, Wheelhouse family, we thank you! with all we have, from the depths of our soul. y’all are awesome and supportive and wonderful and we never could’ve done it without you!

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