guess what y’all?
wheelhouse #2!!!
that’s right! our second location! given any unforeseen circumstances, will be giving y’all good hair, downtown, on Tuesday! that’s like, THIS Tuesday, the 18th!
now – we are still tweaking a thing or two, so it’s kind of a “soft opening”. but don’t worry! we’ll let y’all know when we’re totally ready because then…PARTY TIME!!!
17 chairs, 6 shampoo bowls, tons of room, gorgeous layout, creative space in the back, room for education…y’all know we want to keep ourselves up to date & on trend so we can keep y’all looking right! (thank you @lbpeducation!)
seriously…y’all are going to love it!
anybody thought about parking?
here’s what we got…
you can park on the street, there’s a $3.00 lot next to O’Carr’s on 18th St. N., between 2nd Ave. N. and 3rd Ave. N., a $2.00 lot on 3rd Ave. N. and 17th St. N., metered parking next to the police station on 18th St. N. and 2nd Ave. N., OR…you can park in the McWane Science Center parking deck (it’s five dollars) and catch a cool IMAX movie about national parks or hidden ocean treasures with your new #goodhair!
our address is 1820 3rd Ave. N.
suite 100
Birmingham, AL 35203
our phone number is 205-582-2083
(we’re right next to revelator coffee across from the alabama theater.)
we are SUPER excited & can’t wait to see y’all!!!

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