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Calas is one of the most barren, desolate communities in Haiti where need for the basic is truly desperate. While they have access to clean water through a filtration system generously donated by a Birmingham church, one filter can not sustain the community. Or the 120+ kids Altar84 serves on a regular basis. Without access to clean water, healthcare and feeding programs are treating the symptoms and not the cause. A well will transform the community – clean water literally means life to these kids.


WHEELHOUSE wants to build this community the well it needs to thrive.We believe we can do that with the generous help of our amazing Wheelhouse family, the stylists and clients, that stand beside us and support the community of Calas. For $15,000 we can build this well and change lives. Throughout November and December 2016, we’re asking our GOOD HAIR family to help us make it happen. Every $20 given is a step toward providing life-giving water to this beautiful community.


*All donations are tax-deductible and will be received through Altar84, a Birmingham-based 501(c)(3) organization we partner with.

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